Thursday, October 1, 2009

hottest bags for fall!

The Big Buddha Rose bag was featured on The Today Show as one of the hottest bags for fall! If you'd like to have one of these fabulous bags, then you're in luck. Love-E Boutique carries them in both pink (as featured in the segment), and grey! They normally retail at other stores and boutiques for $90+, but here at Love-E Boutique, we're practically giving them away at $68!! And even better, mention promo code: BigBuddhaToday through October 10th, and recieve an additional 10% off on the Rose handbag. If you're interested in ordering one, please contact me at Supplies are limited, so put your orders in Today! :)

if the above video isnt working, please try this one:

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Nic del Mar

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know to pick up the October issue of Lucky Magazine and check out the piece on our friends Nic del Mar! We are so excited for them!

If you havent heard of them, go check out their website. They have the most beautiful bathing suits and cover ups.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hidden promo codes

Just a quick reminder about the Love-E Boutique Trunk Show this Sunday (sept 27th)!!! It will be our very first SALE!! Yes, SALE!! Select tops, dresses, handbags, and accessories will all be on sale this Sunday!

If you haven't recieved the Evite, send me your email and I will shoot it right over.

Also, keep an eye out for hidden promo codes throughout our social networking sites. Facebook, our Blog, Twitter, and even Farmville will have hidden promo codes, but as soon as you see them, write them down, cause they wont be up for too long. Bring them with you on Sunday along with where you saw the code, and recieve the corresponding discount! 10-20% any single item on Sunday only! Keep your eyes peeled, cause they can be ANYWHERE!!

Hope to see you all there!!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

PUBLIC TRUNK SHOW - Finally Scheduled!!!

Love-E Boutique's next PUBLIC TRUNK SHOW - Finally Scheduled!!!

Drum roll please..............................

Sunday, September 27, 2009!!

More info will be coming your way as soon as it becomes available!

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...obsessed with these darn shoes!

Hey Everyone,

I told you I'd get lost for a happens! Weddings is the word of the year! Jesus Christ!! I love weddings, I really do, but when you're in em, they're stressful! One down, and one to go...I cant wait till its all over and there is nothing but pictures left!

Anyway, while looking through countless celebrity outfits, to pick just one to share with you guys, I found...none!! I did however find that Lauren Conrad is obsessed with these darn shoes! She wears them with virtually everything (at least you know shes getting her moneys worth). So, I collected a bunch of pictures and put together a little collage for you guys. I found Laurens actual shoes, although there is a slight variation on the front platform (sometimes done by designers, they make their large scale public distribution slightly different from their runway collection), so I'm sharing them with you guys in case you're interested. I have also looked around to find the closest, more affordable, options for you guys. Call it boredom, or full dedication to my fellow blog followers, but here it is. Enjoy!
You can find the more affordable options over at, and Laurens actual shoes at

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What the heck is this?

Bring this promo code to the Trunk Show this sunday for 10% off any single item.
Promo Code: LoveE10PBS

Monday, July 20, 2009

...pretty darn close for fractions of the cost!

Sorry about skipping last weeks Celebrity Fashion Post. I'm not going to lie tho, that's probably going to happen a lot. I get lazy, what can I say? :)

Anyway, seems like the only celebrity that is dressing decently lately is Lauren Conrad. Her outfit in the following pictures is absolutely gorgeous! Everything about it, I Love. I also like how she added tan accessories to her outfit. It gives it a bit of a twist; and may I say that her bag is beyond phenomenal too. I carry a similar bag at the store. It is one of our latest fall handbags and is very close in color and shape to this bag pictured here. It also falls just the same when you carry it on your arm. I will post a picture of the bag, so that you guys can see it. Anyway, her look is perfect for work, a date, dinner with friends, anything really, its very versatile. Also, if you notice, she is wearing the same shoes that she wore on my last blog post about her. That's what's so great about a neutral shoe, it can be the finishing touch to an endless array of wardrobe choices.

Here is the bag that I carry in the store. It may not look it in this picture (which is why I will be taking some better pictures very soon), but it is extremely similar to Laurens bag. From the color, to the shape, to the size, to how it falls when on your arm, this bag is pretty darn close for fractions of the cost!

If you're interested in the above bag, please feel free to send me an email: The bag is also available in Navy and Red. :)

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