Friday, August 14, 2009

...obsessed with these darn shoes!

Hey Everyone,

I told you I'd get lost for a happens! Weddings is the word of the year! Jesus Christ!! I love weddings, I really do, but when you're in em, they're stressful! One down, and one to go...I cant wait till its all over and there is nothing but pictures left!

Anyway, while looking through countless celebrity outfits, to pick just one to share with you guys, I found...none!! I did however find that Lauren Conrad is obsessed with these darn shoes! She wears them with virtually everything (at least you know shes getting her moneys worth). So, I collected a bunch of pictures and put together a little collage for you guys. I found Laurens actual shoes, although there is a slight variation on the front platform (sometimes done by designers, they make their large scale public distribution slightly different from their runway collection), so I'm sharing them with you guys in case you're interested. I have also looked around to find the closest, more affordable, options for you guys. Call it boredom, or full dedication to my fellow blog followers, but here it is. Enjoy!
You can find the more affordable options over at, and Laurens actual shoes at

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  1. I love these shoes! I swear it's hard to find a good pair of shoes these days. Small town Ohio has NOTHING remotely good in stock!


    I'm new to your blog, but i have to say, i'm a fan.