Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting for a Star to Fall

Can we take a moment to listen to the song playing on my Blog? Its called Waiting for A Star to Fall, and it is amazing! I LOVE this song!! As I just told Eric while he came over for lunch, if there is a time that I am in a horrible mood or super depressed, this is the temporary fix to make me smile (even if its just for the duration of the 3 minutes?). It is such a happy little song, the beat and the melody are soo fun and upbeat, that I just cant help but LOVE IT!!! Maybe its because it takes me back to a fun and worry free time in my life. It reminds me of me and my sister when we were super young...perhaps 7 or 8?...I think Beach House, Ranch...just worry free!! Isn't it incredible how a simple song can take you back to a particular place in time? I miss those days sometimes, being young, not worrying about anything, my family being happy!! Yes, my family was happy at one When I say family, I mean my Mom, Dad, Sister, and Myself. Like my sister once said, A little broken, but still good! I miss those days and wouldn't trade those memories for the world. Don't get my wrong, I LOVE my life right now, I couldn't be happier...but sometimes I like to remember when things were a little different...Ok, A LOT different.

But anyway, going back to the song, Isn't it great??

Is there a song that takes you guys WAAAYY back to a certain time?

Ohhh, and another thing....Isn't the little kitty at the bottom sooo cute? I love it when it closes its eyes, it looks like its rocking out to the music! I love him/her!! :)

Till Next Time...


Trunk Shows, and Trunk Shows, and Trunk Shows...Oh My!

So the next couple of weekends are going to be busy busy busy. This Sunday I have a private Trunk Show at my sisters friend Alexs' house, then the weekend after that, I have another private Trunk Show at my friend Vashti's house, and then the weekend after that, I have a Public Trunk Show at my aunts house! :::SIGH!!::: So my weekends are going to be everything but relaxing for the month of June. That's a good thing though, I LOVE what I'm doing, and slowly but surely, I'm making some money! The public Trunk Show is going to be June 13th, so save the date and I hope all of you can make it. Make sure that I have your email address' on file, so that I can send you the Evite in the next couple of days. If I don't have your email, email it to me at

Also, somewhere in between all that madness, I have to find time to paint a room and set it up. I am in the process of converting a room at my moms house into a Love-E Boutique Showroom for you guys to come anytime you want (just let me know ahead of time), and see the stuff. That way, you don't have to wait for Trunk Shows and you can do some shopping in between shows! :) I will let you guys know when all of that is set up, so that you can come by and see what we have.

I have tons of really cute NEW stuff in, but haven't had the time to photograph it and put it on the sites. Having this showroom would make my life so much easier, cause everything will be hung on racks and not shoved into their current home of a plastic storage box. So I am hoping that within the month, I will have a steady flow of pictures coming up on the site for you guys to see. I have the most amazing photographer that is going to help me photograph all of our stuff; Clothes, Handbags, Jewelry, Everything..she is amazing!! Her name is Nicole Pereira, and you can check out her work on her website: She is the best photographer I know, and best of all, shes my cousin!! She took my sisters Engagement photos, which I'm sure some of you have seen. Shes the best, I am really blessed to have her helping me. Thanks Nik!

Anyway, that is all for right now. Remember to send me your emails, if I don't already have them, so that you don't miss out on the Evite for the June 13th Trunk Show!

Till Next time...

- Jenn(y)

Jon & Kate + 8

Monday night, after a long relaxing weekend in Sarasota, I snuggled in bed with my hunny and we started to watch the season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8. (Yes, he watches those shows with me!) For those of you who haven't seen the show, its a reality show about a family from Pennsylvania who have 8 kids!! 2 of them are twins (Mady and Cara), and 6 of them are sextuplets!! I love this show, more than anything because of the adorable little kids, Aiden, Joel, Collin, Alexis, Hanna, & Leah! Anyway, the show is going on its 4th season, and sadly enough, probably its last. There have been many rumors of infidelity and they are having some marital issues right now. Granted, every family has issues, and a family with 8 kids, well that's just inevitable. But I was soo saddened because most of the issues that they seem to be having, are caused by the fame that their show is giving them. Now, I know that they voluntarily signed up for the show, and to have their lives taped, but I almost feel as if they didn't know what they were getting themselves into and now its too late to turn back. They look like genuine people who were having hardships because of having sextuplets and thought that having this show would make their lives a little easier..monetarily at least. So did they sign their marriage and family away when doing the show? Seems like it, but I feel so bad cause I truly don't think that they knew what the outcome would be.

No joke, I couldn't sleep Monday night cause I kept thinking how sad it was to see them so distant and not even interacting at their kids 5th birthday party. Kate said that she wanted to take a family photo with all the kids and both parents, because she knew that it would probably be their last. That is heart breaking, at least it did mine, and that's all that I could think of that night. I know its suuuper gay of me, cause its a TV show, but they're real people, and I don't know, I guess I'm a sucker.

This is a pointless post, and I'm sorry for those of you who are reading this. But I just wanted to give my opinion of how I wish people would respect the fact that they are only famous for having 6 babies. They're normal people who's lives are being ruined by our curiosity. But then again, we wouldn't be curious if they didn't have a TV show that put their lives in our living rooms every Monday night. So why did they sign on for a 4th season if this is causing such an issue with their family?

I don't know, I'm torn I guess. They probably shouldn't of signed on for this season if they knew that the lime light was causing them their family. But whatever, I love the show and I wish them the best..whatever it may be. I just feel bad for those gorgeous kids, they have no fault in any of this.

So that's my pointless rambling about a show that most of you probably have never even watched.

Till Next time...


PS. If this is a publicity stunt to get more viewers, I'm gonna be soo upset! but happy at the same time...weird

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grand Opening....Blog

Hi Everyone,

I am going to try and keep these things coming frequently. I have been inspired by Ashli to at least give this a shot. Her blog is great, and very entertaining. I will tell you more about her later.

This blog is going to be about pretty much anything and everything that comes into my mind. I'd like to try to keep it focused on fashion and my store, Love-E Boutique, but since my store is pretty much a reflection of me, and I'm pretty much all over the place...this blog will be too. :)

I figured it would be appropriate and who knows, maybe blog etiquette, to give you a synopsis of my new venture and how it came to be. Back in January, I attended an event hosted by two women who did the same thing that I am doing now. When I left the event, I felt very inspired and knew that this was something that I could do, and something that I loved. Anyone who knows me knows that I shop, and I shop A LOT!! So what better profession to get into, than Shopping for a living?!?! So I opened up a boutique! I opened the company back in February, and went on from there. The first thing to do, was to pick a name. This was quite the long and daunting task, considering that I didn't want it to be too cheesy, yet still wanted it to be personal and about me. So after ruling out names like Love That! and Enchanted (I Love that movie and pretty much anything Disney), I started thinking about something along the lines of "Love, Jenn" or "Love, J"..but they didn't really seem to flow right. Then I thought about my Boyfriend, who's name starts with an E, and thought: well, I Love E. I liked the sound of that since Love E sounds like the word LOVEY (which happens to be one of my cats names). So I thought it would be a cute play on words by making it Love-E (pronounced Lovey)...after thinking about it even more, I realized that my sisters name starts with an E as well, and soon came to the realization that the name was Perfect! So the stores name, Love-E Boutique, stands for my love for the two people in the world that I love the most. My Boyfriend Eric, and my Sister Erika! :) Here is a picture of my E's:

Since then, I've had my first Trunk Show, which went very very well! I was a little unprepared for it, cause nothing was tagged, but even with that minor set back, everyone seemed to have a great time, and like I said, the turn out was AMAZING!! Thank You to all who came out and helped make my Grand Opening Trunk Show a great Success!!

Here are some pictures from the event:

The Grand Opening Trunk Show was catered by Ashli (previously mentioned)! She has opened a new company called A Chic Palate! She is truly talented! The detail that she puts into her dishes isn't only amazingly gorgeous, but its amazingly delicious!!! She caters all types of parties, and gives personal attention to her dishes so that they reflect the customers style and wants. None of her dishes look the same, but they are all equally delicious! If you want to learn more about Ashli and her company, A Chic Palate, please visit her website at: .

Here are some pictures of the dishes that she made for my event. They all tasted and looked amazing!! She even made me a signature drink that tasted sooo good and looked soo cute! Thank You Again Ash!! Here are the pics:

So yeah, I think that's pretty much all for now. I will try to be back here a couple times a week, so till then, I will leave you with some more info on Love-E Boutique. Till next time...xoxo!


Love-E Boutique offers a select choice of the latest trends in clothing, handbags, and accessories. We carry a variety of different Brands and Designers so that you can find pieces that suit your style.

Our merchandise can be viewed by appointment or through private Trunk Shows. Trunk Shows will be held at different locations, so please check back here, or on our website, for more information. To be included on our mailing list, please email

To host a Love-E Boutique Trunk Show at your home (where you control the guest list), please email Hosting a Trunk Show at your home has many incentives, so to find out more, please email us.