Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting for a Star to Fall

Can we take a moment to listen to the song playing on my Blog? Its called Waiting for A Star to Fall, and it is amazing! I LOVE this song!! As I just told Eric while he came over for lunch, if there is a time that I am in a horrible mood or super depressed, this is the temporary fix to make me smile (even if its just for the duration of the 3 minutes?). It is such a happy little song, the beat and the melody are soo fun and upbeat, that I just cant help but LOVE IT!!! Maybe its because it takes me back to a fun and worry free time in my life. It reminds me of me and my sister when we were super young...perhaps 7 or 8?...I think Beach House, Ranch...just worry free!! Isn't it incredible how a simple song can take you back to a particular place in time? I miss those days sometimes, being young, not worrying about anything, my family being happy!! Yes, my family was happy at one When I say family, I mean my Mom, Dad, Sister, and Myself. Like my sister once said, A little broken, but still good! I miss those days and wouldn't trade those memories for the world. Don't get my wrong, I LOVE my life right now, I couldn't be happier...but sometimes I like to remember when things were a little different...Ok, A LOT different.

But anyway, going back to the song, Isn't it great??

Is there a song that takes you guys WAAAYY back to a certain time?

Ohhh, and another thing....Isn't the little kitty at the bottom sooo cute? I love it when it closes its eyes, it looks like its rocking out to the music! I love him/her!! :)

Till Next Time...


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