Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grand Opening....Blog

Hi Everyone,

I am going to try and keep these things coming frequently. I have been inspired by Ashli to at least give this a shot. Her blog is great, and very entertaining. I will tell you more about her later.

This blog is going to be about pretty much anything and everything that comes into my mind. I'd like to try to keep it focused on fashion and my store, Love-E Boutique, but since my store is pretty much a reflection of me, and I'm pretty much all over the place...this blog will be too. :)

I figured it would be appropriate and who knows, maybe blog etiquette, to give you a synopsis of my new venture and how it came to be. Back in January, I attended an event hosted by two women who did the same thing that I am doing now. When I left the event, I felt very inspired and knew that this was something that I could do, and something that I loved. Anyone who knows me knows that I shop, and I shop A LOT!! So what better profession to get into, than Shopping for a living?!?! So I opened up a boutique! I opened the company back in February, and went on from there. The first thing to do, was to pick a name. This was quite the long and daunting task, considering that I didn't want it to be too cheesy, yet still wanted it to be personal and about me. So after ruling out names like Love That! and Enchanted (I Love that movie and pretty much anything Disney), I started thinking about something along the lines of "Love, Jenn" or "Love, J"..but they didn't really seem to flow right. Then I thought about my Boyfriend, who's name starts with an E, and thought: well, I Love E. I liked the sound of that since Love E sounds like the word LOVEY (which happens to be one of my cats names). So I thought it would be a cute play on words by making it Love-E (pronounced Lovey)...after thinking about it even more, I realized that my sisters name starts with an E as well, and soon came to the realization that the name was Perfect! So the stores name, Love-E Boutique, stands for my love for the two people in the world that I love the most. My Boyfriend Eric, and my Sister Erika! :) Here is a picture of my E's:

Since then, I've had my first Trunk Show, which went very very well! I was a little unprepared for it, cause nothing was tagged, but even with that minor set back, everyone seemed to have a great time, and like I said, the turn out was AMAZING!! Thank You to all who came out and helped make my Grand Opening Trunk Show a great Success!!

Here are some pictures from the event:

The Grand Opening Trunk Show was catered by Ashli (previously mentioned)! She has opened a new company called A Chic Palate! She is truly talented! The detail that she puts into her dishes isn't only amazingly gorgeous, but its amazingly delicious!!! She caters all types of parties, and gives personal attention to her dishes so that they reflect the customers style and wants. None of her dishes look the same, but they are all equally delicious! If you want to learn more about Ashli and her company, A Chic Palate, please visit her website at: .

Here are some pictures of the dishes that she made for my event. They all tasted and looked amazing!! She even made me a signature drink that tasted sooo good and looked soo cute! Thank You Again Ash!! Here are the pics:

So yeah, I think that's pretty much all for now. I will try to be back here a couple times a week, so till then, I will leave you with some more info on Love-E Boutique. Till next time...xoxo!


Love-E Boutique offers a select choice of the latest trends in clothing, handbags, and accessories. We carry a variety of different Brands and Designers so that you can find pieces that suit your style.

Our merchandise can be viewed by appointment or through private Trunk Shows. Trunk Shows will be held at different locations, so please check back here, or on our website, for more information. To be included on our mailing list, please email

To host a Love-E Boutique Trunk Show at your home (where you control the guest list), please email Hosting a Trunk Show at your home has many incentives, so to find out more, please email us.

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