Friday, May 29, 2009

Jon & Kate + 8

Monday night, after a long relaxing weekend in Sarasota, I snuggled in bed with my hunny and we started to watch the season premier of Jon & Kate Plus 8. (Yes, he watches those shows with me!) For those of you who haven't seen the show, its a reality show about a family from Pennsylvania who have 8 kids!! 2 of them are twins (Mady and Cara), and 6 of them are sextuplets!! I love this show, more than anything because of the adorable little kids, Aiden, Joel, Collin, Alexis, Hanna, & Leah! Anyway, the show is going on its 4th season, and sadly enough, probably its last. There have been many rumors of infidelity and they are having some marital issues right now. Granted, every family has issues, and a family with 8 kids, well that's just inevitable. But I was soo saddened because most of the issues that they seem to be having, are caused by the fame that their show is giving them. Now, I know that they voluntarily signed up for the show, and to have their lives taped, but I almost feel as if they didn't know what they were getting themselves into and now its too late to turn back. They look like genuine people who were having hardships because of having sextuplets and thought that having this show would make their lives a little easier..monetarily at least. So did they sign their marriage and family away when doing the show? Seems like it, but I feel so bad cause I truly don't think that they knew what the outcome would be.

No joke, I couldn't sleep Monday night cause I kept thinking how sad it was to see them so distant and not even interacting at their kids 5th birthday party. Kate said that she wanted to take a family photo with all the kids and both parents, because she knew that it would probably be their last. That is heart breaking, at least it did mine, and that's all that I could think of that night. I know its suuuper gay of me, cause its a TV show, but they're real people, and I don't know, I guess I'm a sucker.

This is a pointless post, and I'm sorry for those of you who are reading this. But I just wanted to give my opinion of how I wish people would respect the fact that they are only famous for having 6 babies. They're normal people who's lives are being ruined by our curiosity. But then again, we wouldn't be curious if they didn't have a TV show that put their lives in our living rooms every Monday night. So why did they sign on for a 4th season if this is causing such an issue with their family?

I don't know, I'm torn I guess. They probably shouldn't of signed on for this season if they knew that the lime light was causing them their family. But whatever, I love the show and I wish them the best..whatever it may be. I just feel bad for those gorgeous kids, they have no fault in any of this.

So that's my pointless rambling about a show that most of you probably have never even watched.

Till Next time...


PS. If this is a publicity stunt to get more viewers, I'm gonna be soo upset! but happy at the same time...weird

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