Friday, May 29, 2009

Trunk Shows, and Trunk Shows, and Trunk Shows...Oh My!

So the next couple of weekends are going to be busy busy busy. This Sunday I have a private Trunk Show at my sisters friend Alexs' house, then the weekend after that, I have another private Trunk Show at my friend Vashti's house, and then the weekend after that, I have a Public Trunk Show at my aunts house! :::SIGH!!::: So my weekends are going to be everything but relaxing for the month of June. That's a good thing though, I LOVE what I'm doing, and slowly but surely, I'm making some money! The public Trunk Show is going to be June 13th, so save the date and I hope all of you can make it. Make sure that I have your email address' on file, so that I can send you the Evite in the next couple of days. If I don't have your email, email it to me at

Also, somewhere in between all that madness, I have to find time to paint a room and set it up. I am in the process of converting a room at my moms house into a Love-E Boutique Showroom for you guys to come anytime you want (just let me know ahead of time), and see the stuff. That way, you don't have to wait for Trunk Shows and you can do some shopping in between shows! :) I will let you guys know when all of that is set up, so that you can come by and see what we have.

I have tons of really cute NEW stuff in, but haven't had the time to photograph it and put it on the sites. Having this showroom would make my life so much easier, cause everything will be hung on racks and not shoved into their current home of a plastic storage box. So I am hoping that within the month, I will have a steady flow of pictures coming up on the site for you guys to see. I have the most amazing photographer that is going to help me photograph all of our stuff; Clothes, Handbags, Jewelry, Everything..she is amazing!! Her name is Nicole Pereira, and you can check out her work on her website: She is the best photographer I know, and best of all, shes my cousin!! She took my sisters Engagement photos, which I'm sure some of you have seen. Shes the best, I am really blessed to have her helping me. Thanks Nik!

Anyway, that is all for right now. Remember to send me your emails, if I don't already have them, so that you don't miss out on the Evite for the June 13th Trunk Show!

Till Next time...

- Jenn(y)

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