Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hidden promo codes

Just a quick reminder about the Love-E Boutique Trunk Show this Sunday (sept 27th)!!! It will be our very first SALE!! Yes, SALE!! Select tops, dresses, handbags, and accessories will all be on sale this Sunday!

If you haven't recieved the Evite, send me your email and I will shoot it right over.

Also, keep an eye out for hidden promo codes throughout our social networking sites. Facebook, our Blog, Twitter, and even Farmville will have hidden promo codes, but as soon as you see them, write them down, cause they wont be up for too long. Bring them with you on Sunday along with where you saw the code, and recieve the corresponding discount! 10-20% any single item on Sunday only! Keep your eyes peeled, cause they can be ANYWHERE!!

Hope to see you all there!!

Till Next Time...


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