Monday, June 1, 2009

"So you bought Garbage...Awesome!"

Saturday was an early day. I woke up at 8:00am and headed over to my sisters house. When I got there, I used my pretty little green key and walked into a dark and freezing house. I figured she was still sleeping, so I went over to wake her happy little butt up! The room was pitch black, but I thought I saw limbs extending towards the end of the bed, it couldn't of been Erika, cause she isn't that tall..but Rich was supposed to be at work (or so I thought)...he was home and still sleeping...well until I got there and ended up waking them both up. I felt really bad that I woke up Rich, so I made him breakfast! What a good little sister in law I am huh? Eggs, with mozzarella cheese on toast. (These people have NOTHING in their damn refrigerator every time I go over there..hence the Mozzarella cheese on his breakfast sandwich...oh well)...I tried!

Anyway, Rich left to work and my sister and I went to run our errands. Our first task of the day was to do some Garage Sale-ing!?! Her area is usually full of those things and people scavenge them relatively early, so we had to get an early start to it. We drove around looking for signs and while driving to the addresses that were printed on bright pink poster board, found a couple unadvertised ones in between. The first time we stopped, my sister bought two small frames that had pastas and other spaghetti related items on them, including a bottle in the background that read "Italian dressing" sister said she loved the little french frames, so she just had to buy them! French frames? Really Erika? They're Italian!! Pobresita. Anyway, we continued to scavenge the other sales and found one that had these really cool old chairs.

I guess I should take a second to let you know what we were looking for. I told you guys about how I am setting up an empty room at my moms house as a Love-E Boutique Showroom, so what we were looking for is furniture to put in the room. In particular, a desk, a bookcase, a round table, and some seating. I really loved the chair that was in one of the pictures from Ashli's blog about the all white decorating. So in my head, I wanted an antique looking chair.

So yeah, this garage sale had some old chairs, so we stopped to look at them. They had a great shape to them, and although the upholstery was in pretty bad condition, we figured that we might be able to work with them. Once inquired, the price was $20 per chair (there were two). $40 dollars for two old chairs that were in OKAY shape was a little much for me, so I gave the lady our number and told her that if at the end of the day they were still there, to give us a call and that we would take them. So we left to run our other errands.

About 7 hours!! later, we drove back by the garage sale on our way home to find that the chairs were still there!!! (I figured it was meant to be...either that, or the chairs are pure garbage and no one wanted So we scoured the car to try to find more money, cause all I had were $20! After searching the car and Erikas purse, we found $2 dollars, and $3.05 in change!! A total of $25.05!!! Hey, its a Garage Sale, and at the end of the day, so hey, maybe we could get a deal?? So the lady comes towards us and remembers us from earlier in the day, and asks us if we still want the chairs? So we tell her yes and explain to her our situation of the $25.05!! After laughing at our $3.05 in change, she accepts the deal and gives us the two chairs!! Woo hoo!!

On my way home, I'm telling Eric the story of the chairs and how we got such a great deal. I told them that I guess really, they had no other choice, it was the end of the day, and they were probably going to throw them out. They'd rather have $25.05 then have to stay with garbage.
His response to my 6 minute explanation of what a great deal we got: "So you bought Garbage...Awesome!"

Here is a picture of our Garage Sale find..aka, the Garbage:

The plan is to spray paint the wood black and to reupholster the chairs in a bright funky teal color to match Love-E Boutique's Logo. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress of the first step is to find the PERFECT fabric...and if you guys know me, you'll know that that's going to take Forevverrrrrr! lol

Till Next Time...

- Jenn(y)

P.S. I really need to embrace the art of short blogs...sorry for the novel!

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